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This issue has news about our new Regional Rider Rep,  a new group in Leics and success for riders in the Dressage Anywhere competitions.  Huge thanks to Winifred Pritchett for her hard work in producing the issue.
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County Chairman  Pat Bishop  0845 450 7063
County Instructor  Louise Walker
Ashmount Group
Formed in 1985 and is based at a special needs school in Loughboro.  Run by volunteers, it caters for children aged between 4 - 19
Contact Ms Alison Johnson   0845 241 1352
Kimberley House Group
The longest established group in the region which still has some of its original volunteers helping to run its weeekly session.
Contact Mrs K Lane   0845 2415384
Mount Group
One of the most active groups in the county, Mount group has 40 riders a week and is now based at Somerby Livery Complex
Contact Mrs P Bishop   0845 241 6357
Rugby Group
Contact Mrs S Evans   0845 450 6742
Springbridge Carriage Driving Group
Contact L Cotterill   0845 450 6826
The aim of Springbridge Carriage Driving is to make a difference to the lives of disabled people in a very special way, providing them with the opportunity to carriage drive. The focus is to ensure that all visitors derive maximum benefit from a positive and enjoyable form of therapy.
Wenlo Group
Wenlo RDA Group offer people with disabilities an opportunity to ride and look after horses to help their health, confidence and self-esteem. We aim to teach new skills and promote independence by encouraging our riders to take charge of their horse in a safe and secure environment.
Contact Dawn Whitmore-Kirby  0845 450 6950