Getting involved as a group instructor

Are you interested in becoming a RDA Group Instructor but not sure how to go about it? 
Download the North Midlands Pathway for an RDA Instructor, track your progress on the flow chart and see what steps you need to take to achieve your goal.
Firstly,  you need to practise coaching within your group with help and guidance from your Group Instructor. Previous equestrian experience helps as you will have to be able to:
  • Supervise the preparation of the session which may involve catching ponies from the field, grooming, checking for injuries/soundness and tacking up.
  • Supervise the arrival of the riders which will involve fitting of hats and checking clothing.
  • Prepare of the riding arena and set out of equipment needed for the lesson
  • Train volunteer helpers for the green card requirements (leading, basic horse awareness and care etc)
  • Supervise the matching of ponies to riders and helping during the mounting procedure
  • Deliver a safe, enjoyable, progressive lesson that is suitable for the level of rider.
  • Supervise the dismounting of the riders and safe return of the ponies.
Here is a self assessment form that will help you along this pathway. 
The next step is to ask the County or Regional Instructor to visit your group to watch you take the whole session and give an appraisal of your coaching.
Once you have been awarded a logbook  you are covered by RDA Insurance and can coach the session on your own. 
After logging up 20 hours (over a minimum period of 6 months) you can invite the county/regional instructor back to reassess you for the RDA Group Instructors badge.